RA> 80, PF> 0.95,110 interior / máx 600 pequeña luz del panel LED 1200MM

Potencia: 72 Yo
RA> 80, PF> 0.95

tamaño: 600 Poco mama 1200

3 años o 5 años de golf del opcionales


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Venus Series Recessed Panel Light offers new opportunities for energy efficient lighting. If you are taking into consideration the conventional light source technologies, also evaluate the advantages of Venus Series LED Light. You’ll see superior performance in energy savings, lighting quality and reduced maintenance. It comes into White frame and Lifud brand driver that have passed TUV, CB, CE SAA, UL, and FCC quality tests.

Warranty: 3 Years and 5 years gurantee optional

Power: 72 W

CRI: >80,PF>0.95

Efficacy: Above 100 Lm/W

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